See You Soon

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beauties, I'll be away from my blog for the next few months focusing on a major project that has gained all of my excitement and attention. During that time I'll have the opportunity to think about what this space should look like and what purpose it should serve when I return. Fortunately, I'll still be updating my day to day experiences during this process on Instagram and Twitter, and seeking inspiration on Pinterest. I look forward to staying in touch there!

As always, thanks for all of your support during the life of this blog.

So much love,

Summer Is Flying!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Summer is flying! July and August are usually chill months for me but I’ve been working like a crazy person lately. 

Korean Beauty, Yes Please!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Forgive me for being fashionably late to the Korean skincare party. I'm so glad I made it, though.

Over the last year I ran across articles on my favorite beauty blogs about the lengthy Korean skincare routine and the best emulsions (what!) and essences (huh?) without paying them much attention. That changed when
I ran across one of my now favorite beauty blogs, The Wanderlust Project, which is written by a Korean beauty-obsessed brown-skin cutie that is currently living throughout Asia.

Life. Changed.

Fort Tyron Park

Monday, July 21, 2014

I consider myself the quintessential New Yorker: I get energy from the people and the pace of this city. With that, I still need to take a break, to slow things down, to replace the Chrysler building with trees and the subway with serene water views. This weekend I did just that without even leaving NYC and it was amazing.

Giveaway/// #Bloggerboo Summer Beauty Giveaway!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Over the past month myself, Ashlei of Kinks are the New Pink and GG of All the Many Layers have been sharing our summer beauty tips with Krystal over at The Feisty House as part of her #bloggerboo series.

We're kicking it up a notch with a giveaway of some of our favorite beauty items worth over $120. Check out this post of all the things we're loving right now to see how awesome this beauty basket will be.

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Would you Travel Solo?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hubby and I have the same travel attitude and most of the countries and cities on my “must see” list are also on his (plus we share a travel budget!) so I now have a built-in travel buddy! 

After I took the bar exam, I booked an amazing trip – a long weekend alone in Tokyo followed by a week or so in Thailand with friends. I’d never traveled alone (this was before I’d ever had a real job and work trips) but I loved being by myself in Tokyo since it was no different than the weekends I enjoyed in DC and NYC shopping, strolling through new neighborhoods, visiting museums and lounging in caf├ęs by my lonesome.

Current Beauty Finds

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm always looking for products to lighten my dark spots. I've been using natural ingredients like rosehip seed oil and black soap but I need to step it up a notch to attack some of my older, darker acne scars.

Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum
One of my favorite beauty bloggers, This That Beauty, has a great series on treating hyperpigmentation. She (and the interwebs, in general) suggested Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum for the job. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've already noticed even older scars on my skin getting more clear. I'm going to use it for a few more weeks and keep you guys posted (with some photos if I continue to notice progress). Let's see.

Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47
If I'm keeping it real, I'm not always religious about SPF but I had to get serious about sunblock usage because the Murad serum has hydroquinone. The best thing about this SPF is that its a great moisturizer. Unfortunately, it goes on white and takes a while to rub in. Once its been massaged into my skin, though, it looks good and does not leave my skin with a white or ashy look. It's been pretty easy to keep up my sunblock routine with this stuff. 

By the way, since I'm trying to better myself and what not, tell me about your favorite SPF. Any anti-hyperpigrmentation tips? What are you using?