Dramatic Shine

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I would rinse my relaxed hair with Jazzing hair color in Jet Black (remember Jazzing, lol) and then slap Let’s Jam pomade on top of my hair to slick it back into the blingiest ponytail you’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ve always been obsessed with shiny hair!

These days I depend on water, natural oils and moisturizing creams to keep my hair hydrated, moisturized, and yes, shiny. One of the best products that I’ve encountered is Vatika oil (Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, to be exact). Vatika Oil, a mix of coconut oil, herbs and henna, softens your hair and leaves it looking so healthy and shiny. I use this in my hair about three or four times a week and have yet to take a trip without it.

More recently, I got my hands on Shea Moisture’s Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth & Repair High Shine Glosser. I instantly fell for the dramatically shiny results from this product. The best thing about the High Shine Glosser is that it allows you to add a bit of sheen to your hair even if it’s in your favorite updo or tuck-and-roll style.

What are you using to keep your healthy hair shiny?


bidsingraceland.com said...

Vatika Coconut oil is the business! Will definitely look out for the Shea Moisture High Shine Glosser...oh dear inner product junkie is about to break free!


Gloria Bissessar said...

lol @ bidsingraceland.com! Posts like this will truly make you wanna run out and get them. I can testify that the Shea Moisture High Shine Glosser is awesome, but now I wanna try the Vitaka Coconut oil as well.

Brownstone Bazaar said...

Honestly, the Shea Moisture product is a new fave but the vatika oil is something that I would choose if I was stuck on an island with only three products. Love it!

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